Has anyone ever helped you out?  What do you do to Save someone’s Day?  Share below!

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  1. Pulled over to help a older lady change her tire after she hit a pothole! She was happy we saved the day.

    • Thattaboy… I know I need to pull over and help stranded motorists more often. I’m no mechanic, but often times just a cell phone or jumper cables can really help save the day…

  2. We received the below comment via email from a true Day-Saver…
    Today I saw a young man by the side of the road holding a “homeless” sign. I wanted to help but wasn’t sure what to do. I went into Walmart to buy something and saw a Subway sign that advertised $5.00 footlong specials. I decided to buy one. I asked the young man at Subway if he could cut one in half and wrap them separately. He said “sure”. I ordered one with cold cuts and had it dressed with cheese and veggies. As I was checking out, I told the the subway guy that I was going to give one of the halves to a homeless young man out by the street. He then put a nice cookie in one of the bags and said the sandwich would go better with a cookie. I teared up. As I was driving home I put a dollar in the bag for the homeless man so he could buy a soft drink. I drove up and handed the young man the bag and explained the meal was fresh and that I was a Christian. He stuffed the package in his knapsack and gave me a smile. As I write this I am enjoying the other half of the sandwich praying that I had “Saved the Day”.

    Thanks to the Save the Day Foundation for reminding me that it’s not about me and that I can do things to make a difference in someone’s life.

    Anonymous from the mid-west.

  3. Several months ago we had a medical emergency in our house and I had to take my wife to the E.R. with a cut finger. We put the 3 kids in the van and started driving towards the E.R. On the way, only about a 1/4 mile from the E.R., we blew a tire on the Van!

    No way did I want her to sit in pain while I walked through the tedious tire-changing process. So, I started waving down passing vehicles. The 4th or so car to pass stopped and a day-saving gentleman listened as I attempted to explain that I’d like him to take my wife to the E.R. while I changed the tire with the kids in the van on the side of the road. He kindly readily agreed to help and off he and my wife went to the E.R. It wasn’t easy to send her with a stranger, but thank God he did Save the Day and get her to the E.R. safely. I got the tire changed and the kids and I met my wife at the E.R. They treated her and she was fortunately fine.

    I think the Day-Saving good samaritan was named Ron Herb, but I’ve looked and haven’t been able to track him down since to Thank him!!

  4. Brought a dude holding a sign to church. Becoming good friends

  5. Their was a man in a wheelchair behind me at Acme and I payed for his items, he said he didn’t want me to pay for it over and over, he even tried to grab the things and put them back in his cart, and I pulled them away and said “It’s ok I just want to do this.” He was so thankful, I could tell that it started his mind into a spiral of deep thought.

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